learn html codeLook around, and you will find lots of people interested to learn coding. Maybe you are thinking of the same too.

Whether you are plain bored and wish to learn something new or are simply curious about what all programming is about, programming can be really interesting. And in time, you might even be the developer of the next Facebook.

For budding programmers, there has never been a better time such as this. It might seem dull to you to read about programming, with the jargon seeming all Greek to may, but there are many guides and video tutorials that are available online to make use of and learn from.

Irrespective of your experience level or age, you can get many tools to learn how to code or even how to refine your existing knowledge about programming. The best thing is probably the fact that a lot of the learn-to-code resources can be used for free. Given below are some of them.


This is a programming language which is open source. It is ideal for individuals who wish to learn how to make interactions, animations and images. This is one of the simplest ways to learn about coding and getting the results translated to a visual form.

Although Processing is basically a learning tool, you may also use it to create professional quality work.

Local university courses

When it comes to learning programming, community colleges or local universities can be still quite helpful resources to learn programming from. They can be a nice option for you in the event that you require more structural training and want a face-to-face communication with colleagues and professors, something that you will not be able to get online.

Although these will not be entirely free of cost, you will be able to do these courses at far cheaper rates than a regular course from one of the reputed academies.

Start with HTML

If you are serious about becoming a programmer, you cannot do without learning basic HTML. This is a perfect way to get a hang of working with programming codes.

Once you have become adept at handling HTML, you will not face many difficulties in taking up CSS. After you have mastered both HTML and CSS, you can try working with JavaScript.

The best way to learn programming, or anything for that matter, is by learning by doing. So go learn how to create a website and start practice coding!


Codeacademy.com is possibly the most reputed training resource that is available online. It offers interactive tutorials which are easy to comprehend and includes Ruby and Python among other languages. It can also help you pick up the basics of the internet, CSS and HTML and know how to build your website from scratch.

The best thing is, you will not have to learn alone and be solitary in your journey of gathering knowledge. The website lets you make friends and learn programming together.

This will also keep you motivated and you will find it more enjoyable to learn various types of coding. If you absorb things like a sponge, you may also create your own study lessons as a creator of courses.