Best Programming LanguagesWith a completely efficient coder drawing an average salary of around $80,000 every year along with multiple benefits offered by companies in the form of group traveling trips, gym memberships and free food, it can be lucrative for you to try learning the web programming languages that make the Word Wide Web go round.

Take a look at five of the top web programming languages that you can learn and have an enjoyable career as a programmer.


PHP is possibly the one that you have time and again heard about. It is much like the mother of every coding language that is there and you can learn the grammar of PHP very easily. This is also the language that has created the most number of jobs, freelance as well as full-time.

There are many companies and individuals who are constantly on the lookout for efficient PHP developers to help them out with their website issues or create a robust application for them. If you are just starting out, this is one of the jargons that you should acquaint yourself with.


For many years, this has been a high-level coding language and it actually deserves one of the top spots. From mobile phones and car music player to airport checking systems, almost each and every application these days is supported by Java.

It is used by many developers to make attractive interactive apps and online games. Even security offices, banks and high risk facilities make use of this platform to protect and operate their systems. There is a huge demand for Java engineers and developers in the market and the average pay package for such professional hovers around $90,000. Although over 20 years in age, this old programming language is still alive and kicking!


In the event that you are starting out and not too familiar with coding, you may consider learning basic HTML first. This way, you can understand how to start coding and once you have attained comfort in handling the jargon, you will be able to move up to other languages like CSS and JavaScript.


At the moment, there is a lot of debate and discussion going on about the functionality and popularity of this language. The jargon has been in popularity and use since the 90s and it has become one of the greatest coding jargons in the world today. It is probably the sole reason why coding phenomenon such as Node.js exists today.

It is extremely flexible and you can learn it very easily. Even jQuery has been created on the basis of JavaScript. In the event that that want to be a professional cider, you should of course have knowledge of JavaScript before you begin sending out your resume.


This is an intermediate-level language which is used to create video games, client applications, high-performance server, systems software and application software. The language comes with object-oriented programming features and was designed originally in order to improve the C language. Adobe programs, Winamp and Firefox are some of the most famous apps that are powered by C++.