html and cssWebsites act as an entryway for users and help your customers to interact with your enterprise, and you do not need any personnel to handle the interactions 24/7.

Across the world, web design has become an extremely versatile enterprise and you may try this on your own – much millions of other site owners. As is the case with any type of technology, it is useless to learn something that is obsolete.

If you want to familiarize yourself with programming languages, you should begin by learning the jargons that are popular at present. As of now, CSS3 and HTML5 are the standards.

Basics of HTML

The term HTML is the abbreviation for Hyper Text Markup Language and it is one of the various markup languages which are used for web page creation. Although many other XML-based coding languages have also been developed, HTML is the one that is used most predominantly.

You need an HTML or Text editor to prepare HTML code for making web pages. The best thing is possibly the fact that you will not even require being online during web page creation.

In order to set blocks of web pages into tables, you should use HTML. There is a header as well as footer apart from other elements. The section is opened by the HTML and it is closed by a backslash.

For example, all the header information will be placed between the headers and all of the footer information will be placed between the footers. From these areas, you will be able to add variables to every section as is deemed fit.

Basics of CSS

CSS is the abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheets and this is a style sheet language. It is used along with your markup language in order to make the look, format or style of your web page. The content of the web page is separated from the format through CSS.

This may sound a bit odd although it really gives the provision for greater control over the design or page. With CSS, the most exciting thing is possibly the fact that you can apply it all the pages of your website simultaneously. You can store the complete formatting of your website in a single file.

Make sure that you end the header section of your website before beginning the body section. In the event that you are not familiar with CSS, it is important that you learn about the language.

With the help of CSS, you can make the header section red, the web page background green, the link color as blue, the size of the fonts, the colors of every section and a lot more.

How to Learn HTML and CSS?

In case you wish to learn CSS and HTML languages on your own there are lots of text and video tutorials available on the web. There are many reputed tutorial websites which are updated with the latest information.

You may try free tutorial websites like or paid ones, depending on the requirements that you have.